Hey, Beauty!

After over 11 years of working in the beauty industry, I ‘ve had the fortune to work as a Beauty Editor in magazines such as Elle and Marie Claire but also to collaborate with some of the biggest Beauty Brands. So, some 11 years later, I decided to create my own online Beauty Concept Store and share with you all my favorite gadgets and accessories.

The name “Hey, Beauty!” came from how I like to communicate with all the real "beauties" that follow me on my Social Media. The idea of ​​the Concept Store on the other hand, came from you and all your questions about the smart and cute gadgets that I show you from time to time on my online Social Media platforms.

Somehow, everything magically came together for me to create Hey-beauty.gr! With a lot of love and passion for what’s new in the Beauty Industry and a great passion to share with you my favorite beauty items. Each season we will be discovering together the coolest beauty accessories and I’ll be looking forward to your reviews.

Let’s do this, beauties!
Lots of love,


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