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Οι αποχρώσεις του ηλιοβασιλέματος γίνονται έμπνευση για τα φθινοπωρινά μας outfits και το SUNSET Large, παραμένει το ιδανικό αξεσουάρ για να απογειώσετε μια εντυπωσιακή εμφάνιση.


Το SUNSET Large είναι το ιδανικό αξεσουάρ για όσες έχετε πολλά και πλούσια μαλλιά.


The material used for our hair claws is called Cellulose Acetate. It is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic as it is produced with plant-based derivatives such as wood & cotton fibers. Cellulose Acetate is hypoallergenic, very durable and indeed, it is the material used for the design of sunglasses frames of most fashion brands. Learn more about our sustainable Hey, Beauty! choices. here.


10,5 x 5,5 cm

Υλικό & Χρήση

Eco-Friendly, hypoallergenic, acetate


The material used for clips (acetate) is waterproof. However, due to the fact that metal elements are contained in the springs of the products, we recommend not to wet them directly with water for more than 30 minutes, and if you do make sure to dry them well afterwards to avoid rust marks on the metal elements and keep your clips in perfect condition

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